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Bill Bland Bio:

Bill is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and he has been investing both in California and Las Vegas for the past 19 years. Bill is a Certified Affordable Housing Provider helping families achieve the dream of homeownership.

Bill grew up in Orange County California where he worked as a youth minister. While teaching junior high and high school kids he met the older sister of one of his students, her name was Beth. Bill and Beth hit it off and 6 months later they were married. That was 35 years ago and 3 kids later, and they are still happily married.

Bill’s love of teaching is what motivated him to do a radio show a while back in Los Angeles on KABC talking about all things real estate.

Today Bill is back behind the mic outlining the ways he can help people who want or need to get out of a situation with their home and how he can buy it quickly and hassle free even if you have little or no equity.

If you are someone who needs a house, Bills is talking about the Certified Affordable Housing Program that might work for you. Call Bill at (702) 981-1977