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Roy Masters

Weekdays 10PM - Midnight


Who is Roy Masters?
Author, counselor, minister, mentor, philosopher, spiritual guide…Roy Masters has been described by many different titles but he prefers to be known simply as “Roy.” Roy Masters believes that titles or any robes of office places a person at an unfair advantage. He believes a true mentor and spiritual guide should be respected for the truths he conveys, the example he sets and for the selfless dedication he practices.

America’s first radio counselor
In 1960 Roy Masters started America’s first conservative talk radio show on KTYM in Los Angeles, California. Roy Masters and his “Advice Line” radio program continue today as an institution on radio. “Advice Line” is currently broadcast nationwide on a 130 radio stations and available via the internet.

Author of more than 16 acclaimed books
His books deal with a wide range of subjects including Christianity, health, parenting, religion, sex, and stress.

Director and Founder of the Foundation of Human Understanding
For over 45 years the guiding force behind the FHU and its mission to provide support to anyone searching for personal and spiritual guidance.

Founder of Brighton Academy
Considered by many to be one of the most progressive and innovative private schools in the Northwest, Brighton Academy is dedicated to providing the best, most positive atmosphere so that its students will develop into successful, soulful individuals.

Christian Minister
Roy Masters has devoted his life to understanding the fundamental concepts of Christianity and helping others to discover the joys and true meaning of faith.