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A rare duo, brothers, David and Alan Masters, co-host a hybrid program that combines current news, science, and psychology with a dose of religion and modern spirituality. While their discussions are polarizing and politically incorrect, they’re also friendly, funny, and important in the world today.

Bio: David Masters – Educator, Lecturer & Radio Personality Since 1979

A man of rare talent and wisdom.

David, as a teacher and counselor, combines the wisdom of Judeo-Christian spirituality with the insights of modern depth psychology. With clarity, sensitivity, skill, and powers of discernment, he brings students to their own awareness and the healing powers that lie within the human soul.  His wise practical counsel combined with the mindfulness meditation exercise bring much help to a wounded world.  I count this gifted healer among the most talented of our time.  He brings to clients a rare combination of depth and skill guided by the qualities of presence, understanding, strength, and love flowing from the center of his own being. I am honored to have him as a colleague in the healing profession.

Robert Contadino, M.A,, Ph.D.
Rehabilitation Counseling and Clinical Psychology


FHU, helping people overcome anxiety, stress, and fear, and live a life that is calmer, centered, and focused since 1964. 

David started meditation at the age of 18 after a near-catastrophic accident. After 1500 hours of learning to let go of the push and pull of his thoughts David arrived at a point where he was in the “now” and realized that everything existed only in the present moment. There was nothing to run after, nothing to run away from, just being still in the here and now was everything he ever needed. David has mastered mindfulness meditation having meditated for over 46 years and over 30,000 hours and is the lead Lifeline Trainer for Patriot Outreach since 2008.


Bio: Alan Masters

Alan Masters is an award-winning radio and television host, a 30+ year broadcast and media professional, a serial entrepreneur, and an automotive enthusiast. Alan has been the acting President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Foundation of Human Understanding since October 2017. As one of Roy Masters sons, Alan was raised in the Judeo-Christian faith. A successful businessman, a faithful husband since 1986, father of 4 adult children and currently enjoying his two grandchildren. Alan seeks to put God first in his personal and professional relationships. Alan Masters is an advocate and spokesperson for Patriot Outreach; an organization focused on providing FHU Meditation exercise known as “Coping Strategies” utilized and approved by all branches of the military and made available to all military servicemen, women, veterans, retirees, government civilians, battlefield contractors, and their families.