experts released a NEW study on the 10 “Most Seductive Cities” in the world! The study explored destinations that produced excessive sexual energy and indulgences.

What are sexual energies and indulgences, you ask? Anything from a mass population of OnlyFans workers, strip clubs, aphrodisiacs and an array of fetishes. If you’re curious… four of the cities are in the U.S.

As they say, “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Vegas” and it’s true. Vegas, we mean, sin city, allows locals and tourists alike to let go and be free while exploring all of the amenities this fabulous city has to offer.

From late-night restaurants, festival-like pool parities, exotic dinner shows, and sex stores to supply all of your fantasies, we would be shocked to not see the “Entertainment Capital of the World” on this list.

We know two east coast states and another west coast state have also made the list. Check out more on the seductive study at The Bottle Club.

  • #11 Miami, Florida


    [ventdusud] via Getty Images

  • #10 Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles

    [choness] via Getty Images

  • #9 Sydney, Australia

    Sydney, Australia

    [wallix] via Getty Images

  • #8 Toronto, Canada

    Toronto Canada

    Toronto sunset over lake panorama with urban skyline.

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  • #7 Berlin Germany

    Berlin Germany

    Berlin Skyline City Panorama with blue sky sunset and traffic

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  • #6 Rome, Italy

    Rome Italy

    [frederic prochasson] via Getty Images

  • #5 Paris, France

    Paris, France

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  • #4 Madrid, Spain

    Madrid Spain

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  • #3 New York, New York

    New York

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  • #2 Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas At Night

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  • #1 London, England


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