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Nevada Help Desk is giving people and businesses resources they never knew existed, in order to reach boundaries they never considered. They are unlike any Nevada organization. Supported by Governor Steve Sisolak’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology (OSIT), they train, certify and employ underserved students, with the help of their dedicated consortium members. Their training pipeline begins as early as age seven. You read it right: 7! They created The Nevada Help Desk Consortium to pinpoint eager youth, then offer a STEM workforce pipeline that follows them through graduation and ultimately prepares them for success in technology. After certification, they hire their students to manage flexible, short-term contracts from government agencies, businesses, schools and non-profit organizations. This type of labor market is called a gig-economy. Their statewide service offers “in-demand” digital support, such as Web Setup/Edits, Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization, Automation and Online Marketing. Their support agents involve Nevada at different levels (high school, college, experts). Their experienced agents are with years of experience in a broad range of front-end mobile and desktop technology.

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In this episode, Wendy has the pleasure of chatting with the CEO and COO of Nevada Help Desk. Duana Malone, national award-winning Technology Woman of The Year, and her Uncle Gary, former crack addict and ex-offender, share their amazing story of how they found each other after 65 years apart, how they discovered their shared love of music and technology, and how they came together to start this incredible business. Nevada Help Desk is unique in many ways, and is passionate about spreading their love of technology to students as young as five years old, in effort to meet Nevada’s rising demand for skilled technologists. Listen to their incredible story and mission.

Original Air Date: July 26, 2020

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