Sometimes, life just isn’t fair. Sometimes, life is incredibly unfair. This is one of those times.

Last week, we lost an important member of the KDWN family, Bernard “Chips” Barnes. Bernard didn’t drink or party and took great care of his body. Nevertheless, he passed away suddenly at the age of 48, leaving everyone here stunned.

Hopefully, you had the chance to hear Bernard working with Andrew “Fish” Fain as “Fish & Chips” on KDWN’s SportsXRadio.

We’ve gathered some pictures of Bernard and some memories from those who knew Chips best, and we want to share them with you.

Bernard "Chips" Barnes

From Chips’ on-air partner of many years, Andrew “Fish” Fain:

You can count on one hand the times in your life that you meet someone that has a major impact on you as a person. Bernard Barnes was such an individual.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone more grounded or confident than Bernard. He had this amazing way of making you feel this calmness too.

I have been teamed with a lot of people in the broadcasting industry, but only Bernard has ever felt like a partner, and that’s all because of him and his ways. We did not always agree, but he never made me feel wrong. You just always wanted me to see your side, which frustratingly always seemed to be right.

Bernard was an incredible mind, an amazing friend and an even better person. We are all better people for having him be a part of our lives.

You will be missed my friend, today, tomorrow and always.

From Bernard’s girlfriend, Danielle:

You came into my life and changed all that I was. It’s a calm that you have that just infects everyone you touch.

So selective about who you let into your world.  You always told me, “I don’t need a lot of friends. The ones I have are all I need.”  How lucky those friends he chose were to have him.

I would tease him all the time saying how is it that you don’t get excited about anything? He would say, “Life is too short to be upset about anything.” How true is that statement now?

It was so easy to be with this man – we spent hours just talking and laughing about everything or nothing in particular. Just to be in each other’s space was enough.

He had an air about him that just radiated confidence. To be around him was to be in awe. He was a quiet soul with so much love for the entire world of sports. When he spoke of the days on the road coaching his girls, you could see the passion and proudness in his eyes. Nike has lost a rare genius.

Our adventure, although short, was a gift that not many people in their lives experience. I thank him for showing me how a real man can love a woman.

Rest well, babe – in my heart you will reside.

From Ken Thomson, host of KDWN’s SportsXRadio

Bernard Barnes was introduced to me by Andrew “Fish” Fain. Fish told me Bernard was an avid former two-sport star in football & basketball and a big time amateur teenage ladies basketball coach.

The two of them hit it off so well….they wanted to do more shows together, and after seeing the FISHnCHIPS chemistry….the show became a constant at the start of each week on SportsXRadio on KDWN 101.5 FM / 720 AM.

I only did a couple of shows with the guys, but I loved Bernard’s straight shooting, hard core sports personality…he spoke with conviction & was a straight shooter…if he didn’t agree with your opinion he’d let you know about it…especially when Fish would talk about his parlay bets and Bernard would tell him…”You’re a sucker. Those bets are in the favor of the house…sure you may hit a couple here and there, but straight bets are the way to go”…more of a grind but a safer bet.

Bernard’s personality grew on the SportsXRadio listeners, and with his sudden passing, the tweets and emails poured in.  Most were in shock like I was…a man that didn’t really drink or smoke…liked to work out, play hoops & of course coach his gals teams at Nike.  You walked to your own beat, B-Squared…I respected you as a man & as a humanitarian and you will be missed my friend but NEVER FORGOTTEN!

From Mark Hoke, host of The Mark Hoke Show

The sudden passing of Bernard “Chips” Barnes is a stunning loss to so many people whose lives he touched. From his family, friends, teammates at Purdue University, co-workers, fellow coaches and all of young lives he impacted through his work in basketball, Bernard was an incredibly special and giving person.

His work on KDWN with Andrew “Fish” Fain on “Sports X Radio With Ken Thomson” Monday nights lit up the Las Vegas Valley with his unique charisma and outspoken opinions.

There was simply no one like him, and he was taken far too soon from all of us. Everyone who crossed his path was a better person for having met him, and we’re all going to miss him so very much. Godspeed, my friend.

Rest easy, Chips. You’ve made an impact on a lot of people who will never forget you.

Bernard "Chips" Barnes