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You get the sense Las Vegas may be on the verge of a roll: the March gaming “win,” the amount casinos took in was the best in eight years.

So, to keep that party going, Nevada has to make sure its resort workforce is vaccinated: it’s good for them and good for business.

“I’m committed to making Las Vegas and Nevada the safest place to vacation and have a convention,” Gov. Steve Sisolak, D-Nevada, told reporters Thursday.

We met him today at MGM Resort’s vaccination clinic at Mandalay Bay, which has given out about 5,000 shots so far.

Here, the governor delivered a message not only to resort workers to get their shots but also to the larger community: get your shot also.

The head of the Nevada Gaming Control Board says resorts are doing their part, opening vaccination clinics like this and getting the word out to their workers: get vaccinated.

“We’re seeing those efforts pay off. One of our largest operators reports they approximate that they have roughly 60 percent of their staff vaccinated. Another one of the largest licensees in this state estimates that they have nearly 70 percent vaccinated,” says GCB Chair J. Brin Gibson. Gibson says he estimates about 100,000 people in the hospitality industry have been vaccinated statewide and would not be surprised if the number is actually larger.

On Saturday, Clark County opens capacity to 80 percent and reduces social distancing to three feet. The gaming control board has sent out guidance to licensees that they will follow county guidelines.

If 60 percent of those eligible in Clark County get at least one shot, then the county will go to full capacity with no distance requirements.

Right now we’re at 47 percent. Some vaccination sites report unused appointments, as evidence emerges that some residents are either hesitant or uninterested in getting a shot.

“We’re doing more to try to get the vaccines into the neighborhoods,” says Sisolak. “ Some of the bigger sites have kind of run their course. They’re not getting a number of people showing up.”

“We’re gonna get the vaccine to where people are, to where people live, to where they work, to where they shop, to where they worship,” says the Governor.

Sisolak has set a statewide goal to get to full capacity by June 1. He says that’s up to Nevadans to make it happen.

“They’re gonna make that decision in terms of how willing they are to go get a vaccine. I believe in the people of this great state. I believe that they want us to open back up,” says Sisolak.