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Who: The Salvation Army Southern Nevada

What: Serving hundreds of guests each day and securing their safety and well-being, not just in the face of the current pandemic but always, is what The Salvation Army Southern Nevada does for our neighbors in need. The additional services provided during the past twelve months have stretched resources beyond their limits. Restoring the much-needed supply of bottled water will go a long way to ensure their services will not be interrupted or insufficient.

Where: Cases and pallets of water can be delivered to the campus at 35 W. Owens Ave. any time between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. everyday. Should a donor have larger quantities of water to donate, they can call to arrange delivery.

When: NOW! And any time going forward, please.

Why: Services provided by The Salvation Army daily include 3 daily meals to residential clients (450 meals), free Community Meal daily to homeless and other guests (400-500 meals), overnight shelter for up to 400. Each of these guests will need bottled water to stay hydrated during the winter months in the desert. The organization is down to its last few cases of bottled water and can use the help of our community to replenish the supply.

Questions regarding delivery of large amounts of water should be directed to Juan Salinas, Director of Social Services, (702) 609-0962, or