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EL FLORIDO, GUATEMALA - JANUARY 18: Honduran migrants line up to register for returning to their country on January 18, 2021 in El Florido, Guatemala. The caravan departed from Honduras to walk across Guatemala and Mexico to eventually reach the United States. After clashing with the police yesterday migrants are being held to carry out immigration and heath controls. Central Americans expect to receive asylum and most Hondurans decided to migrate after being hit by recent hurricanes. (Photo by Josue Decavele/Getty Images)

The first Mexican shelter reached by migrants after trekking through the Guatemalan jungle has hosted nearly 1,500 migrants only six weeks into the year compared to 3,000 all of last year, even though it has halved its dormitory capacity due to the pandemic. Latin America’s migrants are on the move again. After a year of pandemic-induced paralysis, those in daily contact with migrants believe the flow north could return to the high levels seen in late 2018 and early 2019. The difference is that it’s happening during a pandemic.