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Everything will be different this year, many of us will be hosting loneliness, financial fears, stress and anxiety. So when you’re planning your ‘to do’ list, here’s something that all ages can enjoy – better mental health.

It starts by being realistic with your time and money, it’s okay to say no. Eat healthy food, cut back on alcohol and smoking, and start exercising!

Create an emotional support team and stay in touch with each other, by phone, social media or video. Keep those numbers handy, and if you see someone else struggling, reach out.

We’ll all feel sad about our missed traditions and family this year, but if it’s interfering with your work and your personal life, seek help, talk to your doctor or to a mental health professional.

If you’re in a crisis, call 1-800-273-Talk or text ‘Talk’ to 741741. KDWN is part of the Beasley Best community of caring, you can find other holiday mental health tips and resources at our website.