With tax revenues expected to fall to historic lows in Clark County, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department leaders took pre-emptive steps to soften the blow by dismantling the Mounted Patrol Unit–a small outpost of the organization that serves as a support function to patrol by aiding with crowd control and community outreach.

The LVMPD Mounted Unit officially began on July 31, 1998, with two officers, two horses and a sergeant and now has eight horses and is funded to pay for four full-time officers, three parttime staffers, and a sergeant.

As the LVMPD works to decommission the Mounted Patrol Unit, two officers and two part-time staffers will continue until May 1 to transfer the horses to their new homes. Several of the horses will be retired, and one will return to its original owner. Commissioned personnel assigned to the unit will be moved to patrol operations. While the Mounted Patrol has been an instrumental tool for the department in many situations, the LVMPD will deploy bicycle officers to move through large crowds in the Strip corridor.

The department began the difficult task of eliminating positions last week with the announcement of layoffs of 112 part-time employees (103 of which are filled). Three of those positions included personnel from the Mounted Patrol Unit.

All affected employees were compensated for hours worked through April 17, 2020. These employees have all provided a valuable service to the LVMPD.

The list of affected personnel positions is as follows:

• Part-time Service Aide– Patrol

• Part-time Traffic Control Assistant–Traffic

• Part-time Investigative Aide–Forensics, Human Resources, CSI

• Part-time Forensic Lab Assistant–Forensics

• Part-time Support Assistant- Finance, Communications, Airport, Homicide/Sex Crimes, Internal Affairs, Community Engagement

• Part-time Spanish Interpreter–Support Operations

• Part-time Logistics Support Assistant–Logistics

• Part-time Fleet Operations Support Assistant–Fleet

• Part-time Animal Care Specialist–Mounted Unit

• Part-time Wrangler–Mounted Unit

• Part-time Investigative Aide–SWAT

• Part-time Public Records Coordinator–General Counsel

• Part-time Support Assistant–Gangs/Vice

• Part-time Support Assistant–Records/Fingerprint

• Part-time Sewing Worker–Logistics

• Part-time Polygraph Examiner–Human Resources

As agencies in Southern Nevada continue to grapple with the unprecedented economic impacts of the coronavirus mitigation efforts, the LVMPD will continue to make crime-fighting its chief priority as it no doubt faces many difficult decisions in the upcoming months.