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UNITED STATES, GULF COAST - AUGUST 25: In this NASA handout image, Hurricane Harvey is photographed aboard the International Space Station as it intensified on its way toward the Texas coast on August 25, 2017. The Expedition 52 crew on the station has been tracking this storm for the past two days and capturing Earth observation photographs and videos from their vantage point in low Earth orbit.Now at category 4 strength, Harvey's maximum sustained winds had increased to 130 miles per hour. (Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

A North Las Vegas company has already booked 4 trips to the International Space Station.

Bigelow Aerospace, which has it’s main plant in North Las Vegas announced Tuesday it has already booked four flight to the ISS, now that NASA has announced space travel is going to begin in 2020. Company owner Robert Bigelow paid SpaceX millions of dollars earlier this year. Bigelow already has a presence at the ISS, it’s spacecraft, the Beam, is already docked there. The first flights could cost upwards of $50-million a piece.