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A jury in Nevada is set to decide how much Las Vegas Sands Corp. has to pay to a Hong Kong businessman for helping the company open its first Macau resort 15 years ago.

Attorneys for Richard Suen and Sands are due to provide overviews Wednesday of a trial that could take seven weeks.

Billionaire Sands chief executive Sheldon Adelson isn’t expected to testify. He’s battling cancer.

This is the third go-around for the case in state court in Las Vegas.

Suen won breach-of-contract judgments in 2008 and 2013, arguing he provided Sands executives with key introductions to Chinese officials.

The Nevada Supreme Court upheld those jury findings but ruled in 2016 that a jury should decide again the damages question.

Suen says he deserves $328 million.

Sands says he’s due $1 million.