Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Other Hotel Guests Heard Gunfire on 1 October

A person staying in a room two floors below and six rooms away from the gunman on the Mandalay Bay's 30th floor during the Las Vegas mass shooting tried to call 911 and the hotel's front desk to report that the shooter sounded like he was on that floor or above it.

The person, whose name and gender were redacted in records released Wednesday by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, was unable to get through to 911 or the Mandalay Bay and instead called the nearby Luxor hotel to report the shooting.

The call was transferred to Mandalay Bay security and the person reported the shooter appeared to be on the 30th floor.

The person waited by the hotel room peephole and saw about four police officers pass by 20 minutes later. The person stayed put for 40 to 50 more minutes before police called to say they had found the shooter on the 32nd floor.

"I tried to tell somebody as fast as possible that he was in our area but I couldn't get through," the person said.

The person later reported hearing a single pop, which he believed was the gunman killing himself.