Principal Says Foothill HS Is Safe

The principal of Foothill High School says her school is safe for strudents today. This, after a letter was sent to parents about a threat made toward the school over the weekend. Here is the letter from principal Lisa Burkhead:

This is Foothill High School Principal Lisa Burkhead.

Providing a safe, positive learning environment for our students is the number one priority at Foothill High School. I want to keep you informed of  important issues happening within our school community.

Over the weekend, somebody wrote a threat against our school on a table at a nearby park. This information was shared with Clark County School  District Police and they are investigating. The threat does not appear to be credible, but any threat against a school is considered serious and            investigated accordingly.

There were no incidents on our campus, however, this situation provides us with an opportunity to remind students and parents to report any          possible suspicious activity or behavior to school administration and/or law enforcement.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 702-799-3500

If you notice paragraph 4 leads parents to believe it was a threat for today. They are misleading parents. While I don't think the person that wrote  this should get any more attention then he/she already has (it has been all around social media) I do think it is the administration's obligation to inform parents correctly.

The threat was found written on a table at a park close to the school. Clark County School District police are now investigating the situation.