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Raiders Football

By Tyler Bischoff

The Raiders and 49ers both finished with a 6-10 record and an identical strength of schedule, so to decide who will pick ninth in the NFL Draft, the NFL flipped a coin.

The 49ers won the flip, taking the ninth pick and leaving the Raiders with the 10th pick.

The two teams will alternate in the following rounds with who picks first in each round.

But the Raiders aren’t viewing this as a big deal.

McKenzie is more worried about the value if he trades the pick rather than actually selecting a player. That opens the door to what the Raiders could do at the 10 spot by trading down.

Oakland has significant needs, largely on defense. Help in the secondary and the interior defensive line highlight the Raiders deficiencies.

At 10, the Raiders could select an immediate starter at one of those positions or if they don’t like their options could trade down to add value later in the draft.

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