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CARSON, CA - DECEMBER 31: Derek Carr #4 of the Oakland Raiders directs his team before throwing the ball during the second half of the game against the Los Angeles Chargers at StubHub Center on December 31, 2017 in Carson, California. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Derek Carr has had 3 different head coaches in four NFL seasons. After guiding the Raiders to a 12-win season with a top 10 offense, he was given a new offensive coordinator.

Carr has only had the same head coach and offensive coordinator for consecutive seasons once in his career. With Jon Gruden in town, offensive coordinator Greg Olson sees a path to more consistency.

“This guy has to get some continuity,” Olson said of Carr. “The fact that they signed Jon Gruden to a 10-year contract, that’s going to provide that stability that he needs and the continuity that he’s going to need. He’s going to be in a system now.”

The 10-year contract for Gruden coupled with the 26 year-old Carr gives Raiders fans reason to dream about this duo being the next Belichick and Brady. Just half of that success would be a success in Oakland.

Beyond the potential stability, Olson sees Gruden as the key for Carr’s rise to the top of the NFL.

“He’s going to be coached by a head coach that’s going to be the play caller,” Olson said. “He’s completely hands on with the quarterback position, and that’s the first time Derek will have, first time he’s going to have an offensive head coach that has a quarterback background and will be hands on with him on a day-to-day basis. I just see that growth curb skyrocketing because of that.”

That is what the Raiders need, a skyrocketing curb for Carr. With his massive deal, Carr’s career trajectory will mirror the Raiders. Oslon understands that.

“I think that’s probably what enticed Jon as well into taking this job, that there was a young quarterback in place here with a lot of upside and a lot of room for growth,” Olson said. “I think that’s the challenge that he’s looking forward to, how do we get the best version of Derek Carr and how do we get the most out of Derek Carr. That’s what drives him every day.”

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