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The Golden Knights could have to change their name

The United States Patent and Trademark Office may be able to do something the NHL has struggled with: beat the Golden Knights. 

According to, Army has officially filed its opposition to the Vegas Golden Knights trademark.

Army thinks that their brand will be damaged by the Golden Knights and that people could confuse the two. Army has a parachute team that is called the Golden Knights.

The hockey team in Vegas has responded with a statement that essentially says Army’s claim is ridiculous.

“We are not aware of a single complaint from anyone at our games that they were expecting to see the parachute team and not a professional hockey game,” part of the Golden Knights statement said.

But Army’s only issue is not with the overlap between the parachute team and the hockey team. Army claims the Golden Knights are creating a false suggestion of a connection between the hockey team and West Point. Bill Foley, a West Point graduate, has made it abundantly clear that he has named his hockey team after Army’s sports teams, the Black Knights.

Bill Foley’s group that owns the Golden Knights is called Black Knight Sports & Entertainment. He even chose the colors of black, gold and gray to match what Army uses.

The Golden Knights have to respond by February 19, or they could lose their trademark.

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