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Mark Davis has been chasing Jon Gruden for six years

Raiders owner Mark Davis began Jon Gruden’s introductory press conference with a proclamation.

“Raider Nation, this is a big effin deal.”

Davis called it the best day of his life. And he also let on that he has been trying to land Jon Gruden for the last six years.

“I’ve felt for six years that Jon Gruden is the person I wanted to lead this team," Davis said. "To me the money doesn’t really come into play here at all. It never really came into our conversations.”

Davis’ desire for Gruden was so deep that he is reportedly giving Gruden a 10 year deal worth $100 million.

Only one coach has led the Raiders for 10 seasons or more: John Madden.

When asked about the reported deal, Gruden quipped that he doesn’t have a guarantee that he will be alive for another 10 years. But the Raiders new head coach did confirm that he and Davis have been talking for the last six years.

“Mark and I have been friends a long time,” Gruden said. “I think over the last six or seven years we have talked about the Raiders. Not necessarily coming to coach. But maybe ways that we could improve the Raiders.”

Gruden makes it seem like Davis was the only one flirting for most of those years. But Davis finally got his man, regardless of the price.

Now Gruden has to deliver what Davis wants: a return of the Raiders to greatness.

Since Gruden last season with the Raiders, Oakland has the second fewest wins in the NFL. The only team with fewer is the Cleveland Browns.

Gruden has his work cut out for him. But he loves his quarterback, and will have control in just about every aspect he wants to have control.

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