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Raiders catch another break; Chiefs suspend top cornerback

The Raiders passing game will have an easier matchup this sunday, as the Chiefs have suspended cornerback Marcu Peters for one game.

In Sunday’s loss to the Jets, Peters threw an official’s flag into the stands.

The NFL did not decide to suspend Peters, but his team did.

For the third straight week, the Raiders will receive a gift from their opponent. The previous two games saw the Broncos and Giants make quarterback changes that lasted exactly one week.

Peters is the top cornerback for the Chiefs. His absence will make Derek Carr’s easier. The question now is who will Carr be throwing to.

Michael Crabtree will return after his one game suspension for fighting the Broncos Aqib Talib. But Amari Cooper might still be out after suffering a concussion and a sprained ankle two weeks ago.

With both players missing the majority of the last two games, Carr has spread the ball around. Nine different players caught a pass against the Broncos. Eight different players caught a pass against the Giants.

Marshawn Lynch and the backup tight ends have become more involved in the passing game, giving the Raiders a more varied passing attack.

Next week the Raiders will face another team without a star player, as Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott will continue his six game suspension.

After getting pummeled 33-8 by the Patriots, the Raiders have run into some luck as they make a push for the playoffs.

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