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Marilou Denley, the live-in girlfriend of Stephen Paddock, arrived in Los Angeles last night and was greeted at the airport by FBI agents. It’s been over twelve hours, and those looking for answers about what possibly could have been Paddock’s motive, are still without closure. According to Denley’s sisters, she’s just as shocked as the rest of us.

Denley’s sisters claim that Paddock sent Denley away to the Philippines so he could spare her life and plan his attack without her interference, and that Denley didn’t even know she was leaving until he told her he bought her a ticket.

People who have witnessed the relationship between Denley and Paddock are in consensus that it was one of control, possession, and abuse. A barista at the Starbucks they frequented said that Paddock was verbally abusive in front of everyone, and Denley was very submissive, so it stands to reason she would go to the Philippines without asking why.

Comments by Denley herself have yet to be made public, and information about the $100,000 wired to the Philippines by Paddock also is, thus far, without explanation.

Watch the sisters’ interview.