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The Raiders have gone from 2-0 to disaster in two weeks. Last Sunday, the Raiders were beatdown by the Redskins. Today, the Raiders not only lost to the Broncos, but they lost quarterback Derek Carr.

Carr was sacked late in the third quarter and was awkwardly twisted to the ground. He walked off the field slowly and never returned.

E.J. Manuel took his place and helped generate some offense, but he threw the game-sealing interception in the final two minutes. Manuel finished 11 of 17 for 106 yards.

Prior to his injury, Carr was not performing well. He left the game 10 of 18 with 143 yards. He picked up 64 of those on a touchdown to Johnny Holton.

The Raiders got a taste of life without Carr last season when he broke his leg in week 16. The Raiders lost to the Broncos on the final day of the season, then were beaten in the wild card round of the playoffs.

The Raiders offense had been mostly useless the last two weeks with or without Carr. They failed to convert a single third down in the 27-10 loss to Washington last week.

Today, Oakland had 254 total yards and produced just 10 points.

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