Man Who Opened Fire On Police As A Teenager, Sentenced

A Las Vegas man who was 17 when he fired three shots into a police vehicle in September 2015 and wounded a patrol officer has been sentenced to 15-to-50 years in prison. Francisco Urias-Quintana's public defender, Jennifer Fraser, said Tuesday she was disappointed by the length of the sentence her client received Monday in Clark County District Court. Fraser says the conviction and sentence can be appealed. Prosecutors characterized the shooting as an ambush, and a jury found Urias-Quintana guilty as an adult in July of multiple felonies including two counts of attempted murder. Officer Thomas Clevenger was wounded in the hand as he jumped from the passenger seat of the police SUV and pulled a bystander away from the shooting scene in northeast Las Vegas. Urias-Quintana dropped the gun and surrendered to Clevenger's patrol partner, Officer Sergio Orizabal.