TORONTO (AP) — Louis C.K. debuted his secretly made black-and-white film at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday, unveiling a very Woody Allen-esque comedy with an audacious twist.

The comedian shot “I Love You, Daddy” earlier this year, financing the production himself. The movie often takes after Allen’s 1979 film “Manhattan,” yet it also includes a character the cast compared to Allen.

John Malkovich plays a legendary film director who’s rumored to have molested a young girl decades earlier. At the premiere, C.K. said he and writer Vernon Chatman wanted to make a movie about beloved artists who are trailed by murmurs of scandal.

But “I Love You, Daddy” is also C.K.’s response to his own controversies. Allegations of questionable sexual behavior have been raised against C.K. most recently by the comedian Tig Notaro.