Photo Credit: David McNew/Getty Images

A New Push To Store Nuclear Waste In Nevada

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said he wants to build interim nuclear waste facilities at the Nevada National Security Site and called constructing a long-term repository at Yucca Mountain a “moral obligation.” That caused Nevada's elected officials to react strongly. Governor Sandoval released a statement saying, "Today’s comments by Secretary Perry suggesting he would consider storage of high-level nuclear waste at the Nevada National Security Site come as a complete blindside, and I view this as a total disregard and failure to honor the historical process. The idea of storing high-level nuclear waste at the National Security Site is ill-conceived, irresponsible, and likely illegal. This is a prime example of federal overreach, and Nevada will pursue every legal option at our disposal.” Sandoval has asked Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt to review the proposal and identify legal avenues to stop it.