Las Vegas firefighters responded to the Alpine Motel Apartments, 213 N. Ninth St, at 9:15 a.m. Tuesday after fire dispatchers received several calls that there was a fire in the motel. When firefighters arrived, there was light smoke showing from the second floor of the three story concrete block motel.  Approximately 30 people were evacuated by firefighters. Firefighters found where a fire had been burning in the bathroom of one of the apartments.  Most of the fire was put out by one of the tenants using a fire extinguisher.  Fire investigators said the fire started and was confined to the bathroom.  The exact cause could not be determined, careless smoking could not be ruled out.  Damage was minor and confined to the bathroom, mostly paper products burned.  Damage was estimated at $500. No one was injured during the incident.  One person was treated and released on scene by fire paramedics for a minor medical problem. No one was displaced by the fire.