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hostDr. J has been involved with The Social Network Show® since its inception.

Her involvement stems from her interest in the diffusion of innovations through social networks (on and off line) and in building community among her online students.

In earning a doctoral degree in experimental psychology, she combined social, cognitive and health psychology, focusing on the influence of key opinion leaders in spreading best practices. Prior to the availability of formal online social networking tools, she developed Genomicus Americus, an e-newsletter connecting North American and South American social scientists studying genetic and genomic issues. She has been a Research Assistant at the Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (Cardiff, South Wales), an ORISE Fellow with the National Center on Birth Defects (CDC, Atlanta, GA), and a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Center for the Study of Healthcare Behavior (VA of Greater Los Angeles/RAND Health/UCLA).


In Dr. J’s words, “Online social network sites expand the possibility of sharing innovations that can benefit people everywhere and build global communities. By championing the core principles of service, safety, and sustainability, The Social Network Show® and its parent company, Social Network Intermedia LLC, seek to promote best practices among social network sites. Through the show we bring thought leaders in social networking to the public in a format that is entertaining, as well as informative.”