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Long before the Dr. Dooms and the talking heads of cable television and talk radio, no one could even come close to forecasting the economy and Wall Street as accurately as Phil Grande can. For the past twelve years, Phil has predicted the movement of Wall Street with razor like precision.

Phil is the man who coined the phrase, “I’m going to tell you what Wall Street doesn’t want you to know”, which gives his listening audience information they can depend on. With his keen sense of Wall Street and its inner workings, Phil’s humorous and captivating commentary on political and social issues leaves his audience amused, amazed and always informed!

In addition to his radio show, Phil offers live online instruction in order to teach his paying members how to grow as well as preserve their own wealth. His self-developed software called the “Phil’s Talking Trader”® or (what he sometimes refers to as the PTT-s®) is a byproduct of his simplified stock trading method known as the Phil’s 25 Share Power System®. His software knocks the socks off any stock trading software in the market today!

Since 1999 Phil, along with his wife and business partner Marta, have not only been producing the radio show and developing software, but together they do this in order to help promote children’s charitable organizations such as the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital® and the R.O.C.K. Camp for sick kids.

Phil’s Bio

Radio talk show host Phil Grande of the Phil’s Gang® Radio Show, has mastered many titles in his life. Primarily as one of the country’s leading master technical chartist, Phil excels as a radio talk show host, investor, business owner, financial mentor, technical charting instructor, and as a Hall of Famer of the Ernest & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award.

In addition, the prestigious Inc. 500 Magazine honored him as one of the “500 of America’s Fastest Growing Privately held Companies” for 2 years in a row! When Phil was just 15 years old he had already held a world championship title in extreme skiing. Then at 16, Phil started earning his own living by training others how to ski! In Phil’s free time, he enjoys piloting a helicopter as well as horseback riding.

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