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Join hosts Dave Carney and Chad Forster every weekday from 1-3pm for the most compelling, witty, faced paced, and entertaining talk radio in the country.

Covering news, sports, politics, sex and social commentary, Live in Las Vegas with Dave and Chad will keep you listening on the edge of your seat, and keep you clamoring for the next days’ show!

Weekly guests include former head coach of the New York Giants, Jim Fassel (Mon. 2:30p); Precious Metals Expert, Ray “Bullish” Bryant (Tues. 2:45p); Attorney/Legal Expert, Peters & Associates: Judah “JZ” Zakalik (Wed. 1-3p); Jerry’s Nugget Race & Sports Book Director, Mark Duftey (Thurs. 2:30p); and Relationship Expert/Professional Matchmaker, Project Duo, Lauren Pena (Fri. 1:30-2p).