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Help Fight Multiple Sclerosis

Come join us for an unforgettable evening of food and entertainment. You will be electrified with live music, tickled with laughter from our comedian and more to make a night you will not want to end.

Your attendance at this event will support a great cause helping people struggling with Multiple Sclerosis. It will go directly to people needing help with their own personal fight and also allow us to continue this battle in other cities.

My name is Dusty Sutton I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in November 2013. After my friends so kindly put on a benefit for me to help pay for my medical expenses, I decided to use some of the proceeds to help others in need suffering with MS. Our first event will be right here in Las Vegas and we hope you will be a part of this wonderful event.

It is my plan to continue these events in different cities so that we may continue to help others struggling with this incurable disease. I also want to raise awareness for something that many seem to know little about.

MS affects each person differently with an abundance of symptoms sometimes making it hard to diagnose. Below are only a few that may strike a person with MS.

They may experience severe pain anywhere in their body or endure periods of blindness, and their memory also might deteriorate. Any of their limbs can be hit with numbness making everyday tasks such as walking or using utensils impossible at times.

Along with the above symptoms there are numerous other conditions that someone with MS must deal with at different times in their life. As you can imagine this can make planning your week or even your day a struggle.

It is our hope that with these events we will help others with MS not become victims to this disease, but find ways to live full and happy lives. We appreciate any donation or help you may be able to contribute. It will help us fight this disabling disease. All donations will go directly to people right here in your city to help them with their personal fight with MS!

8:30 pm

Help Fight Multiple Sclerosis
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