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Johnny Dean began his broadcast career in 1983 when he attended UCLA. Three years later, he moved to San Diego to take a job working the overnight show at KFMB radio. It was four years later that Ray Lucia came on board at KFMB, and a new radio partnership was born. “The first show that Ray and I did was a real learning experience,” Dean recalls. “For instance, I learned not to use up an entire hour’s worth of prepared material in the first 15 minutes of the show!”

When Ray Lucia left KFMB in 1995 to take the financial editor’s job at radio station KSDO, John stayed on, and then rejoined Ray five years later to begin building a nationwide financial radio program. In addition to their morning show duties in San Diego, Johnny Dean and Ray also did an afternoon financial program in San Francisco. “That show was wonderful, because it gave us the idea of what an entertaining financial program could become,” Dean said. They made the jump to national syndication in late 2000, where the show continues to provide the best in money ­information today.

Johnny Dean has been married for 26 years and has two adult daughters, both of whom turn to him for sage financial advice in the form of “just a few extra bucks until payday.”

Dinah Smith is a third-generation San Diegan and holds a degree from San Diego State University. She was teaching English as a Second Language when she stumbled into a radio career in 1988. Dinah has worn many hats in the industry through the years, serving as co-host and sidekick on several radio shows and helping commuters navigate Southern California’s freeways during thousands of radio traffic reports. Dinah was most recently the morning news anchor at KFMB radio, one-time home to John Dean, her new partner on “Boomers’ Braintrust”.

Dinah welcomes the challenge of tackling two new aspects of her new role on “Boomers’ Braintrust”: This will be her first time hosting a program that’s televised, and her first time on a show that have a strong emphasis on financial issues. Dinah’s inquisitive personality makes her a natural fit for “Boomers’ Braintrust”. When talk turns to money, Dinah confesses she will benefit from the guidance of the “Braintrust” as much as the audience. She looks forward to posing questions that will help simplify some complex money matters. Dinah will also take the lead in presenting topical events, news stories and features, as she has done on radio for nearly twenty-five years.

Dinah lives in her hometown in rural San Diego County, where she says she wages battles against weeds, rattlesnakes and critters that decimate her garden. She is the proud mother of two sons, a United States Navy submariner and a Park City snowboarder.