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12 months ago

Parents May Be Liable for What Their Kids Post on Facebook, Court Rules

Should parents be liable for what their kids post on Facebook or anywhere on the internet? Please read the story and then weigh in on the poll I’ve posted at – Alan Stock

12 months ago

Missy is the Pet Pick of the Week for 10-10-2014

An 8-month-old affectionate gold & white Chihuahua named Missy is our Pet Pick of the Week. – Alan Stock


12 months ago

Obama Praises the Mosque of the Oklahoma Beheader? Yes, He Did

Why would the POTUS ignore Colleen Hufford’s beheading (never making a statement) and then sending a letter of appreciation to his Mosque? Why? – Alan Stock

Mail Online

12 months ago

The terrible truth about cannabis

Good luck trying to get pro-pot smokers from looking at this on an objective basis. We’ve got to think twice before ever legalizing it for recreational purposes in Nevada. – Alan Stock

12 months ago

Taking the Issue of Marriage Out of the Political Realm

How can we address the “marriage” issue? Start with a libertarian (small “L”) approach, throw in some common sense and take a note from history. – Alan Stock

12 months ago

Panetta: ’30-year war’ and a leadership test for Obama

In a frank discussion with USA Today, former CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says Americans should be braced for a long battle against the brutal terrorist group called Islamic State that will test U.S. resolve. – Alan Stock

Truth Revolt

12 months ago

Tell Chipotle To Drop The Communist Messaging

Tell Chipotle you love their guacamole, not their communism! – Alan Stock

12 months ago

News from The Associated Press

So let me understand this: It’s okay for Arabs and Muslims to leave in Israel proper but Jews living in any Palestinian controlled area or proposed Palestinian controlled area is unacceptable to the U.S. and others who are putting pressure on Israel. Palestinians have stated over and over that they will not allow any Jews […]

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