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3 weeks ago

Kerri Kasem joins Alan Stock live on KDWN this morning

Kerri Kasem is live with Alan Stock this morning, talking about her dad, Casey’s final days and the battles with her step-mom.

4 weeks ago

Alexander The Great is the Pet Pick of the Week for 8-1-2014

Our Pet Pick of the Week is an affectionate young Terrier mix who survived and triumphantly recovered from being run over by a vehicle. – Alan Stock

Fox News

4 weeks ago

Troops told to refrain from eating, drinking in front of Muslims

Is this blatant hypocrisy? Does this suggest that while all religions my be equal, some are more equal than others?

1 month ago

Magnum is the Pet Pick of the Week for 7-25-2014

Our Pet Pick of the Week is a playful junior puppy, cream & beige Chi-Weenie (Chihuahua & Dachshund mix), neutered boy, 6 months. You’re gonna love him. – Alan Stock

2 months ago

Alan Stock’s KDWN Interview With Aryeh Green of Media Central

I had the chance to interview Aryeh Green of Media Central on June 20, 2014. They exist to set the record straight on news reports as events warrant. – Alan Stock

Mail Online

2 months ago

How new era of Islamic fundamentalism is spreading fear and chaos around the world

Is the free world up against a modern evil entity that rivals the challenges the greatest generation faced with fascism 70 years ago? Read about the barbarism that is threatening the free world in 2014. – Alan Stock

2 months ago

“I have a plan to destroy America” – by Richard D. Lamm

We know about the porous borders teeming with thousands of illegal aliens every day. A former governor predicted this 11 years ago and Michelle Malkin reminds us of his dire predictions. A must read. – Alan Stock

The Washingtion Times

2 months ago

ISIL terrorists aim to attack U.S., congressional report says

The al Qaeda-linked army now conquering territory in Syria and Iraq ultimately wants its new Islamic state to be a launching pad for attacking the U.S. homeland, says a new congressional report. – Alan Stock

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