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9 months ago

Iran Foreign Minister: WH Wrong About Deal, ‘We Did Not Agree to Dismantle Anything’

Why won’t the White House release the text of the so-called nuclear agreement with Iran? What is it that the White House is hiding? – Alan Stock

9 months ago

Israel PM threatens to teach Hamas a lesson ‘very soon’

How long is any country supposed to put up with rocket attacks before there is a forceful response? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is absolutely correct. – Alan Stock

9 months ago

French study shows a majority of men and a third of women cheat

Would you be able to forgive your significant other for cheating on you? Have you had to face that situation? Or were you the cheater? – Alan Stock

9 months ago

Kentucky bill would let service monkeys help paralyzed people

Seriously?? Service monkeys to assist paralyzed adults with simple household tasks? Bizarre or a good idea? – Alan Stock

9 months ago

Thinking outside the ethnic box

Some of the most successful people refuse to identify as “hyphenated” Americans. Not so amazingly, people want to be recognized for their talent and value. – Alan Stock

9 months ago

Kathleen Parker: To defeat poverty, look to marriage

Will liberals and feminists ignore Kathleen Parker’s thoughts or will they be willing to admit that a great part of poverty and the failure of LBJ’s so-called “Great Society” is a result of single parenthood? – Alan Stock

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