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9 months ago

Why Hillary Clinton’s past is fair game in presidential race

Here is the real question: Is everything or even anything In Hillary Clinton’s past fair game if she runs for the presidency? – Alan Stock

9 months ago

Health Law’s Impact Has Only Begun

Companies worry about the expense of providing new policies, some hospitals aren’t seeing the influx of new patients they expected to balance new costs and entrepreneurs say they may hire more part-time workers to avoid offering more coverage. Warning, this is only the beginning. – Alan Stock

9 months ago

Student apologizes for emailing pic of Obama kicking a door

The v-p of the student government was forced to apologize the same way the demand this of people in North Koreas…and with similar language. Truly revolting. – Alan Stock

9 months ago

Obama: Signing Up for Obamacare Is ‘Just Part of Growing Up’

Please read this and just “grow up.” – Alan Stock

10 months ago

Corky is the Pet Pick of the Week for 2-14-2014 « Alan Stock

Our Pet Pick of the Week is a tuxedo Terrier Toy mix. – Alan Stock

10 months ago

Flamingo near Strip closed after pedestrian struck, killed

The eastbound lanes of Flamingo Road between Las Vegas Boulevard and Linq Lane are closed after a pedestrian was hit this morning.

10 months ago

Government Pizza Study: 13 Percent of Americans Eat Pizza Any Given Day

Our hard-earned tax dollars studying how much pizza Americans eat. What a way to spend our money! – Alan Stock

10 months ago

Vancouver home to Canada’s first crackpipe vending machines

As Ripley used to say: Believe it or not. Vancouver is the home to Canada’s first-ever crackpipe vending machines. Check it out. – Alan Stock

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