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8 months ago

Iran’s Rouhani: ‘World Powers Surrendered to Iranian Nation’s Will’

Here is the bragging from Hassan Rouhani that the so-called Iran Nuclear deal is in the interests of Iran, not the rest of the world. – Alan Stock

8 months ago

Iran FM Zarif Honors American-Murdering Hezbollah Terrorist,

As they point out in this article: The Obama administration is walking on eggshells to avoid offending Iran, while the Iranians are indulging in anti-American extremism at the highest levels. Do you rally trust these American haters? – Alan Stock

8 months ago

» Californians Sign Petition Allowing U.S. Troops to Commandeer Their Homes Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

People can’t wait to sign away their constitutional rights. In this case it is signing a petition to repeal the Third Amendment.

8 months ago

Bailing Out Health Insurers and Helping Obamacare

The next big government bailout courtesy of the Obama Administration is the insurance industry. This was one of those things that we were told we’d find out about once Obamacare was passed. – Alan Stock

8 months ago

Harry Reid Blocks Iran Sanctions Vote

Is Harry Reid trying to run the U.S. Senate as a one-man band? Apparently, that is the case. – Alan Stock

8 months ago

The tide is rising for America’s libertarians

Libertarianism is on the rise among today’s young Americans as well as many others. It could mean a big change in the American political landscape. – Alan Stock

8 months ago

No Israeli-Arab Peace While Abbas Says Israel Will Never Be Recognized as a Jewish State

Why Arabs and Muslims should only be considered “visitors” in Israel – Alan Stock

8 months ago

New York Teen Arrested In Connection With Videotaped

A despicable act by a cocky teen with a record. I’d give him life but as in the other cases the courts will surely be more lenient. – Alan Stock Devin Alexander,

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