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11 months ago

The Day – States taking steps to expand experimental drugs for some

Do you believe we need a “Right To Try” law in Nevada that allows terminally ill patients to obtain experimental drugs without getting federal approval? – Alan Stock

11 months ago

Monticello is the Pet Pick of the Week for 5-16-2014

Check out Monticello, the pensive, enlightened boy, handsome Longhair Chihuahua who is our Pet Pick of the Week. – Alan Stock

11 months ago

Marriage and the Republican Party

The Nevada Republican Party recently removed from its platform references to gay marriage and abortion, two divisive social issues. In this writing, I tackle the so-called “gay marriage” issue and suggest the direction that the GOP should take if they don’t want to go the way of the Whig Party. – Alan Stock

11 months ago

Mia is the Pet Pick of the Week for 5-9-2014

Our Pet Pick of the Week is a sweet little girl, a Miniature Schnauzer mix. She’s a real treasure. – Alan Stock

11 months ago

Footage shows ‘UFO blitzing Taliban base in Afghanistan’

U.S. Marines captured this incredible footage of what looks like a UFO hovering over a Taliban encampment – then blowing it to kingdom come. What is it? Who is controlling it? – Alan Stock

11 months ago

The “Deniers”

You’ve heard of the “birthers”. Now let me introduce to you the “deniers”, those who deny the harsh realities. Who are these deniers? Read on. – Alan Stock

11 months ago

Educational Failure in Nevada and Some Solutions

I asked my morning drive listeners on Newstalk 720 KDWN why Nevada ranked as one of the bottom performing states when it comes to graduation rates and what could be done about it. This is a summary of some of the reasons for failure and some solutions. – Alan Stock

11 months ago

Evion is the Pet Pick of the Week for 5-2-2014

This kind, thoughtful Toy Poodle was not adopted the first time around and so we are bringing him back again for a second look. A very sweet pooch. – Alan Stock

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