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Former general rejects Indonesian election process


JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesian presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto said Tuesday he rejected the election process and accused it of being unfair as nearly complete results showed his opponent Jakarta governor Joko Widodo leading with 52 percent of the vote.

The announcement came as the Election Commission was finalizing the tally of the July 9 election and preparing to declare a winner.

After meeting with leaders of his coalition parties, Subianto, a former general with a checkered human rights record, declared the election undemocratic said he was withdrawing from the current process that was underway.

Previous unofficial “quick counts” had given Widodo, a former furniture maker known as “Jokowi,” a slim lead. But Subianto had repeatedly claimed that polling firms with links to his campaign showed he was ahead.

About 3,400 policemen were deployed to guard the commission’s building in downtown Jakarta as commissioners and witnesses representing both sides finalized the vote count.

More than 130 million eligible voters across 33 provinces took part in the elections to choose the country’s next president.