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Heavy rain could make for tricky Carb Day at Indy


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — IndyCar drivers aren’t the only ones kept off of Indianapolis’ wet track this month.

Heavy afternoon rain Wednesday forced an early closure of the track, too. Usually on Community Day, fans are permitted to drive their own cars around the 2.5-mile oval. But when it became apparent severe weather was moving in, officials closed the track to the public at about 3:30 p.m.

While some fans were left out of the usual midweek festivities, the 33 drivers who qualified for Sunday’s Indianapolis 500 may still be feeling the ramifications when they return to the track Friday for Carb Day, the final practice session of the month.

With so much rain, the rubber that helps cars with grip on the track has probably washed away. The early forecast calls for mostly sunny skies and high temperatures in the low to mid-70s on Friday, there’s the potential that drivers will be facing slick conditions when practice begins.

So far, though, the weather and track have not created many problems.

Only two drivers, both Indy rookies, Jack Hawksworth and Kurt Busch, have hit the wall this month. And race officials are hoping no names are added to that list on Carb Day.