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Dale Earnhardt Jr’s girlfriend calls him Ralph


FONTANA, Calif. (AP) — To his millions of fans, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is NASCAR’s most popular driver.

To girlfriend Amy Reimann, he’s just Ralph.

Earnhardt made that revelation this week on Twitter, where he’s becoming one of his sport’s most interesting drivers since joining early this year.

Ralph is Earnhardt’s given first name, but he usually doesn’t use it. It’s also the first name of his grandfather, the former NASCAR driver who died before Junior was born.

Responding to a Twitter question about whether anyone still refers to him as Ralph, Earnhardt wrote that Reimann “calls me Ralph most times. She’s about the only one.”

Reimann chimed in with her reasoning on her own Twitter account: “I love the name. Seems more special to call him Ralph.”

Earnhardt also acknowledged watching reality television on the Bravo network, again at Reimann’s direction.

“She’ll tell ya, I don’t mind though,” Earnhardt tweeted.